Pencil and Stationery Products Manufacturers, Inc.


About Us

Pencil and Stationery Products Manufacturers Inc. (PSPMI) was established in 2011 at Subic Bay, Philippines. After more than 10 years since its incorporation, PSPMI has grown from its initial workshop of 750 sq.m to two workshops covering more than 6,300 sq.m

Over the past 10 years, PSPMI has consistently passed key Factory audits by US and European Retailers as well as big brand companies. These audits cover our Factory Capability and Quality Assurance, Social and Security practices., which allows us to serve customers/retailers both domestic and abroad.

PSPMI has strict and professional QA systems in place to ensure all our products conforms to the safety standards of US, EU and other major countries. As a result of our excellent quality control performance, we have been awarded self inspection status by most of our clients.

We have an R&D and design team to support product development. In response to the global emmission reduction program brought forth by the need for companies to be more environmentally conscious, PSPMI has developed our eco friendly pencil -BioFiber pencil. The BioFiber pencil is made from agricultural and forest waste, yet it still retains the same function of traditional wooden pencils.

Feel free to email us with your requirements, and you will find us a reliable partner!